Preparing your pets for holidays

Are you getting ready for a long-awaited holiday? You probably have plenty of preparation and planning to do, especially if you have pets. Whether taking your pet with you or leaving it with a trusted caregiver, there is still much to take care of. Travelling with...[Read More]

Here’s to a prosperous 2023

Ready or not, 2023 is upon us, and it is time for a refreshing restart for us all. As you reflect back on 2022 and look ahead to your goals and new years resolutions, please take a moment to reflect on how much you accomplished in 2022. There’s no limit to what you...[Read More]

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions (and how to help make them come true)

Whether New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, paying off debt, reducing time spent on social media, travelling or something else. Making New Year’s resolutions is fantastic, but it means nothing until you actually follow...[Read More]

Smartphone pros and cons, are they a necessity in 2023?

Since IBM launched the first-ever smartphone called Simon Personal Communicator (SPC) in 1994, a lot has changed. Simon had a touchscreen with a complete keyboard and built-in software that enabled users to check their email, use the internet, and place...[Read More]

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Christmas does come and go, and unfortunately, holidays aren’t forever, but one thing that we have been lucky to treasure through it all is our relationship with our valued clients. Thank you! Please have a safe and very happy festive season. “May your heart and...[Read More]

The Importance of Taking a Break During the Festive Season

There are countless countdowns everywhere, whether it’s for Christmas or the new year, and yet, when the festive season happens, it always comes as a bit of a surprise. Some people experience a touch of panic and get lost in the holiday rush. Feeling unprepared and...[Read More]

Power pole network to charge electric cars

Australian drivers will be able to ‘fill’ their electric vehicles at up to 30,000 new charging stations by 2029 under a plan by one of the country’s largest electricity distributors. Ausgrid has revealed its project to install thousands of chargers on power poles...[Read More]

Weather set to be a Christmas cracker

It’s time to dust off the cricket bats and take out the togs – backyard barbecues and celebrations by the beach are officially back on as temperatures across Australia warm up on Christmas Day. Aussies on the east coast will finally get their Christmas wish – a...[Read More]

Getting ready for an overseas holiday? make sure you follow these tips

One of the foremost questions on people’s minds today: Is it safe to book a holiday abroad for 2023? While countries have opened their borders to travellers and tourists, there are still certain restrictions in place. That being said, if you plan to embark on...[Read More]

Final Aust coin featuring Queen released

Since ascending to the throne in 1952, six portraits of Queen Elizabeth II have appeared on the back of Australian coins. But next year, a new design featuring the late monarch will be released for the final time. Nearly three months after her death at 96, the Royal...[Read More]

Six common retirement lifestyles

For a long time, it may seem like old age and retirement are faraway life events. However, like everybody else, you age every day, and it’s only a matter of time until you realise that you’ll be retiring in a couple of years. By that time, you might wonder what...[Read More]

Cheaper loans to roll in for electric cars

Hundreds of Australian motorists will be able to access cheaper loans for electric vehicles as part of a $20.5 million investment by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The cash injection, announced on Monday, will be used to fund more than $100 million in loans for...[Read More]

Guide Dog pups the paw-fect Christmas gift

A few lucky Victorians could help give people with low vision and blindness a life-changing Christmas gift by becoming volunteer puppy raisers. Guide Dogs Victoria is on the hunt for up to 20 people across the state – including in Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat, and...[Read More]

Car-sharing service to shake-up holidays

The world’s largest car-sharing network will attempt to shake-up car rentals in Australia during the summer holidays, as its managing director called the local market “ripe for disruption”. Turo will launch in Australia on Wednesday morning, allowing users to...[Read More]

Tips for meaningful Christmas experiences with family and friends

5 Tips for Meaningful Christmas Experiences With Family and Friends Christmas is a well-loved holiday people look forward to, but it’s also a time when there seem to be endless to-do lists, presents to buy, and parties to attend. In the end, most of us are left...[Read More]